UB Scanner

See the unseen

AI-based, patent-pending car underbody scanner like never before. Vumo’s UB Scanner automatically detects corrosion, oil leaks, or estimates EV battery condition with ultra speed and accuracy.

Photo of under chassis visual inspection

Visual inspection reinvented

Look underneath the car before it enters your service bay. Upsell needed maintenance to your customers. Pre-qualify cars for frame-damage inspection. Just drive through the device and check the report. Now, that's a smartspection.


Plug-and-play system


Lighting & weather conditions-agnostic – visual inspection can be done indoor or outdoor, both day and night

Tablet with easy-to-use software

High-resolution monitor with detailed scan

Database with historical VIN search

License Plates and VIN recognition

AI-based photo enhancement

Compact and lightweight solution


Ease of use (plug&play)

AI automation & consistency

Drive-thru inspection

Saving money & time

What’s in the package

Underbody scanner



User Manual

Vumo’s UB Scanner is a must have for car auctions and dealerships looking to lower risk for cars they offer.

Vehicle inspection automated

Vumo’s UB Scanner consists of a unique patent-pending computer vision system that captures hundreds of frames per second to create a precise underbody image, stitched and analyzed by AI. It’s a hardware/software fusion that provides a new dimension for automated frame damage assessment.

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