CS Gimbal

Scan by hand.
Get results by AI.

Vumo's CS Gimbal is a handheld device for creating automated 360 exterior and interior car panoramas powered by AI. With powerful stabilization and intuitive click&play design, CS Gimbal transforms scanning a car into a very easy process. You don't have to be a specialist to capture a professional photo session now.

The solution for thight spaces

You don't have space for a tracked Car Scanner robot? We've got you covered! Just use the CS Gimbal, a handheld device for manual exterior car photography, with pro-level camera hardware and AI-based software that enhances photos and creates virtual showrooms.

Interior panoramas with close-ups

Using the included tripod and Vumo's software, you can create 360 interior panoramas with close-ups on desired parts of the car and have the background from behind the windows automatically removed.

Polarization filter

Reduces reflections and makes the interior visible through the windscreen.

Lens hood

Reduces sun flares(the sunlight reflections that hit the camera sensor), which is especially useful when shooting in the mornings and afternoons.

Robot with gimbal and smartphone attached on black background

The next big thing in manual car photography

Vumo's CS Gimbal is an amazing piece of hardware that utilizes features like multi-camera smartphone (with wide and regular lens), polarization filter, and a lens hood. But what makes it truly groundbreaking is the AI software it runs on. Enabling automated photo stitching, automated background removal, and automated license plate replacement, making it a game changer for car dealerships.

Blue KIA vehicle with generic background
Blue KIA vehicle on generated turntable
Vehicle generated on background containing concrete floor and fog
Removed background behind the car

Custom backgrounds

Choose one of many realistic virtual showrooms and customize it or work with us to create a unique one just for your brand.

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Gimbal for stabilization

Polarization filter for reducing reflections in the car's body

Lens hood for reduction of sun flare.

Background removal for interior panorama

Background removal for exterior panorama

Background replacement for exterior panorama

Adjustable gimbal height for adapting to the specific car type when scanning with Car Scanner


Works in small areas (exterior scan is made by hand)

Easy to work with (click&play)

Better photos through updated hardware

Interior shots with close-ups

What’s in the package


Interior tripod + gimbal/head

Polarization filter

Lens hood


User Manual

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