Cookie Policy

Use of cookies and similar technologies.

The website enables the collection of information about the user via cookies and similar technologies, the use of which is most often associated with the installation of this tool on the user's device (computer, smartphone, etc.). This information is used to remember the user's decisions (font selection, contrast, policy acceptance), maintain the user's session (e.g. after logging in), remember the password (with consent), collect information about the user's device and their visit to ensure security, but also analysis of visits and content customization.

All information obtained through cookies and similar technologies are not combined with other data of Website users, nor are they used to identify them by the Administrator.

The user can set the browser to block certain types of cookies and other technologies, by specifying, for example, that only those that are necessary for the correct display of the website will be allowed. By default, most browsers allow the use of all cookies, but the user can change these settings at any time. The user can also delete already installed cookies. Each of the browsers allows such action through one of the options available in the settings or preferences.

The user can also use the website in the so-called incognito mode, which blocks the possibility of collecting data about their visit.

Using the website without changing the browser settings, i.e. with the default acceptance of cookies and similar technologies, means consent to their use for the purposes specified above. The Administrator does not use the information obtained for marketing purposes.