CS Voyager

The future is around the corner

Fully autonomous visual inspection done by a robot is almost here. Introducing Vumo’s revolutionary Car Scanner Voyager. With the power of AI and patent-pending robot it’s a game changer for automated and autonomous inspection of cars. Enabling body blemishes detection and car valuation done in minutes and standardized by AI.

Look beyond the surface

No scratch goes unseen with the Vumo’s CS Voyager. Its unbeaten AI-powered detection ability sets a new standard for automated vehicle inspection worldwide. The scanning report brings a new level of transparency for the automotive market. It enables a fast, automated and – most of all – objective judgment of the car body condition. Making it your enterprise’s trusted independent partner for the condition reports.

The scan is where the car is

Vumo’s autonomous robot can inspect the car literally anywhere. Indoor or outdoor. Parking lot or a warehouse. Now you can serve multiple locations daily with just one robot.


Fully autonomous – mobile robot with all the functions of Vumo’s CS Station (stationary scanner)

Automated and standardized inspection – thanks to cutting edge AI-powered robot

Ambient light & weather agnostic – visual inspection can be done indoor or outdoor, both day and night

Fully automated process – just park the car in and press one button

Standardized report – objective AI-based criteria and methodology

Automatic car valuation – based on the report

Touchless paint thickness measurement – thanks to the use of thermography


No stationary installation – fully mobile

Works outdoors - no need for expensive real estate dedicated to the robot

Consistent condition report generation and car valuation done by anyone 24/7

Objective truth – visual inspection without errors

Risk-free estimation – removes the risk of arbitration

Before/after insepction

What’s in the package

Autonomous Robot

User Manual

A groundbreaking autonomous inspection robot for dealerships, car auctions, insurance companies and OEMs that want to standardize and speed up the inspection process.


The Car Scanner Voyager is our flagship product. For the first time ever it combines modern technologies like light detection and ranging, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, automatics, robotics, mechatronics, optical science into a fully autonomous robot that automates, standardizes, reduces human errors, and seizes the power of AI to add more value to many automotive based industries.

Order now

Vumo’s CS Voyager is set to be released in 2024. Contact our sales team to inquire about the pre-order and be among the first users of this breakthrough device.